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"New Chance – Creation of a sheltered house for elderly with physical disabilities" Dryanovo

This project targets the creation and operation of service Sheltered House for elderly people with physical disabilities in the territory of the municipality of Dryanovo. Ongoing processes of the ageing population and increasing number of older people with disabilities in the municipality of Dryanovo, justifying the need for this type of service.

The nature of the project is to provide complex of medico - social services to create conditions for full service for adults with physical disabilities related to the provision of daily health, educational and rehabilitation needs and the organization of free time and personal contacts.

Sheltered house will be provided by specialized equipment and furniture, will be provided and included surmounting and stimulating initiative environment, depending on the specific needs of adults with disabilities.

The provision of social service Sheltered House in the community, is a further step in the social infrastructure of the municipality. Besides the two institutions "Home for the elderly with dementia" and "Home for adults with mental disorders", after four contest in 2004 and 2006 in accordance with the Law for Social Assistance and regulations for implementing the Law on Social Assistance, in the municipality are granted Foreign suppliers of four types of social services.

Social service Sheltered House is to be implemented in the dorm for people with impaired vision in the district "Uspeh" - the town of Dryanovo.The premises meet the criteria and standards for facilities, brought in social service. The building is suitable for the separation of separate bedrooms with two beds, with a large common living room and a common kitchen and also bathrooms. There are also staff office. Sheltered House will be located on the first floor, with affordable architectural environment. It will be accommodated eight users of the service. Project creates conditions for caring adults with physical disabilities so as to achieve their social inclusion and restoration of lost social skills and habits. Will be appointed five people trained staff /depending on the need of consumers/.

The general objectives of the project are: To overcome social exclusion of elderly people with physical disabilities, through various activities aimed at social inclusion in their community; To acquire new knowledge, skills and habits to better address the needs of everyday life of social service users ; To ensure consistent and quality care for each user; To overcome prejudice and discrimination against people with physical disabilities by engaging the media and education system, to ensure the equal status of disabled people; To prepare five employees and 12 volunteers.

The specific objective of the project is to build, furnish and run in action Sheltered house for elderly people with physical disabilities.

Expected results: Building a protected housing and meeting the criteria and standards of existing laws; Created conditions for support, assistance, effective protection and social integration of users of social service activities; Implementations to achieve social inclusion and recovered lost social skills and habits; Provided full and independent lifestyle in a suitable environment close to the family with an opportunity of support and expression; Provided new social service in the Municipality and expanded social infrastructure; Opened 5 new jobs; Trained personnel to serve users of social service and 12 volunteers; Deep partner relationships with the civilian sector.

Main partner of the municipality of Dryanovo in the realization of this project is a association "Society for social assistance" - the town of Dryanovo. The association was founded in 1996 and since then dated and partnership relations with the municipality of Dryanovo.As one of the most active NGOs in the Municipality, the Association perform various tasks:

Association "Society for social assistance" will provide eight orthopedic beds for beneficiaries, will include them in various cultural activities and events organized by the company.

The local organization of the Union of Blind in Bulgaria is an associate partner of the municipality of Dryanovo and will provide first floor of its building for the project. Another associate partner of Dryanovo Municipality association is "MOGA". They will include by the preparation of brochures, organizing press and others.

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