(Published on 07.05.2007)Daily round

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(Published on 5.05.2007)Seminar

On 06.02.2008 d ot13: 00 pm on Park Hotel Dryanovose held a seminar "Sheltered house - an element of successful social practice" in order to familiarize the participants with some aspects of the social policies of the European Union, the Republic of Bulgaria and Dryanovo Municipality, and to be in assistance of staff of the protected housing.

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(Published on 8.02.2008) Working meetings

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(Published on 10.12.2007) Press Conference

On 7.12.2007 on at 13:30 am in the conference hall of the Municipal Administration - Gabrovo the presconferation was held in conjunction with the management of the project and progress made in carrying out activities associated with it. The representatives of print and electronic media of Gabrovo region were there.

(Published on 04.12.2007) Repair

Construction and repairs for construction of protected housing continue. Their completion is expected by the end of December - 2007 g.

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